During April and May, we focus our attention on increasing the awareness around blindness and its impact on children. Our staff and volunteers visit schools and businesses to present awareness and sensitization sessions. These sessions highlight the challenges blind and visually impaired persons encounter in society.

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“LOFOB is an amazing organisation. It perseveres against all odds to bring meaning to the lives of the visually impaired. I am honored to make my contribution on LOFOB Blind Buddy Day knowing that in a small way I can ensure that the good work can continue. Wearing my sticker also gives me an opportunity to create awareness about the pivotal role which LOFOB plays in the lives of visually impaired children. To everybody associated with LOFOB, I salute you!”

Mrs Titus, Educator

Mrs. Daniels

“Blind Buddy Day is a chance for me to give back to an institution which paved the way for children and adults with visual disabilities. This is a day where awareness can be raised around visual impairments and blindness. It is a means for us to educate communities and those around us that people with disabilities should be treated like any other person with respect and love.”

M. Daniels, Parent

Secondary school group at LOFOB

“I’ve known about Blind Buddy Day all these years but I never really knew what the money for the stickers was used for until this year, this year was my first. Being a supporter of LOFOB Blind Buddy Day really was a big step for me knowing I was doing something to change someone’s life, it changed the way I view things in life and it felt amazing when I realize that myself as an individual am making a difference and helping other people, I hope to continue doing this.”

Grade 11 learner